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24th July 2019 –¬†Why and how to worship God – Romans 12:1

30th June 2019 – The powerful gospel – 1 Cor 15:1-11

23 June 2019 – Maturity – Competent to instruct one another

16 June 2019 – How to grow in knowledge

9th June 2019 – Why does God want us to grow in knowledge? And knowledge of what?

Opposition to the gospel is pointless and will be punished

How do we grow in Christian maturity?

What is Christian Maturity?

Easter 2019 – “What is the gospel?”

“Clean Hands… or clean hearts?”, by Keith Vander Schoor

“Financially supporting gospel ministry”, by Dan Headley

“Praying Biblically-informed prayers for mission”, by Dan Headley.

“Three reasons not to follow Jesus” – Luke 9:57-62, by Dan Headley.

“Needs Must” – Sermon by David Jones on Luke 9:18-27 – Peter’s confession of Jesus as ‘Christ’ and the cost of following Jesus.

Let Your Light Shine in 2019

Church community – Part 1: Four ways to becoming a better (and more Biblical) church community (Romans 12:3-10)

Mark 14 – Matt King – The hero of the story

Ezra Part 2 – Rebuilding a temple 3000 years ago – and how that relates to us

What makes a Good Father? – Fathers Day Message – 2 Sept 2018 ~ Dan Headley

God of Demand – Part IV The Book of Joshua – 26 Aug 2018 ~ Dan Headley

God of Faithfulness – Part III The Book of Joshua – 12 Aug 2018 ~ Dan Headley

God of Wrath or God of Mercy? – Part II The Book of Joshua – 5 Aug 2018 ~ Dan Headley


God of Promises – Part 1 The Book of Joshua – 29th July 2018 ~ Dan Headley


Soul Food Women’s Ministry Session Two ~ Steph Wigg


Our Relationships both Heavenly and Horizontally- 22nd July 2018 ~ Kim Valentine 


Pity The Fool – 15th July 2018 ~ James Davis


Why Worry Now? Part 3


Why Worry Now? Part 2


Why worry now? Sermon 1


Soul Food Women’s Ministry Session One – Deborah Brinkhoff

Lord's Supper - The suffering of Jesus ()

Steve Brinkhoff, 14/06/2015
Part of the Lord's Supper series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

The suffering of Jesus isn't something to take lightly.

Tags: Jesus suffering pain

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